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Dublin FBC Bulletin

Monthly Newsletter

Men's Ministry

Throughout the year, our men's ministry is involved in a number of Bible studies, mission projects, and community outreach.

The men of our church are involved in the Baptist Men and are involved in local, statewide, and national mission projects.

We encourage all men to be involved in these events throughout the year.

wmu and Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry is involved in Bible studies, community outreach, and mission projects in our community.

Once a month our Lucille Taylor Circle meets at the church for missions updates, dinner, and fellowship. Our ladies participate in Women on a Mission, which is our local outreach to our surrounding communities.

We are also involved in the work of the WMU, which seeks to educate and involve preschoolers, children, youth, and adults in the cause of Christian missions.

Young at heart

If you are 55ish and up, this is for you! Outings are planned throughout the year for adults in this group. These trips are a great time for food, fun, and fellowship.  

Check the calendar for upcoming events! 

Church Business Directory

Dear Church Family,

God has certainly blessed Dublin first Baptist with many skilled tradesmen, business people, and professionals that can do, well, just about anything and everything.

Click on the link below to view a partial listing of those within the church family who offer services in our community. We hope this directory proves helpful as you seek to find businesses to meet the many needs that we have on a daily basis.

Church Business Directory